Meeting Your Movable Container Needs

Are you looking for a storage solution for your equipment? Are you remodeling your house and needs a temporary compartment space for your belongings?

Are you thinking of getting a movable office space for your next project?

Then Moveable Container Storage is here to assist you and attend to your setbacks.

Containers can be considered as life-savers for all your storage needs. They are cost-efficient. They may have a modest look, but their versatility make them ideal for commercial and residential use. They can largely improve the effectiveness of the operation. Movable containers are also useful if you want to store a wide variety of products in a more secure way. The flexibility of movable containers makes it time saving and essential.

Before there were containers, goods, equipment and merchandise are stored and transported using bags and boxes, requiring a large amount of workforce. The widespread use of containers reduced the cost of trading, effectively minimizing the amount of labour needed to transfer things from one location to another. It saves time and is considered more secure than the old fashioned way.

Moveable Storage Containers aim to help meet a client’s commercial and residential needs. Our containers are built to fit your requirements, each of them customized and optimized to enable you to make the most out of your container’s space.

ContainerWe are capable of delivering high quality compartments right at your doorstep. We provide steel containers that are weather resistant. These items can help save your belongings from external wear and tear, thereby ensuring that your products are safe. Our containers are equipped with vents on the sides, allowing air to circulate, thus, preventing potential damage to the stored items. Each container is painted and furnished with automatic high quality door locks to make sure your items are secured.

Our site,, provides everything you need to know about the specifications of our containers. You can check the dimensions of the containers that we offer, their corresponding weight and the approximate maximum capacity by visiting the website.

We are also the leading seller of ISO CONEX. We offer our customers personalized containers that perfectly fit their requirements. You can visit for more information on customization of storage containers.

The functions of our containers include equipment storage, warehouse space, remodeling, portable office, disaster recovery, tool sheds, farm machinery and feed storage, welding shop, telecommunication centers, UPS systems and mobile generation. Since our goal is to satisfy our customers, we offer competitive prices, making sure that all your storage needs are addressed perfectly at reasonable prices.

If you want to purchase containers from us, you can expect them to be delivered by a tilt back truck 3 to 4 business days after we confirmed your order. The list of fees that you need to pay is available at moveablecontainer. We also accept rentals in case you decide that the need for containers is not permanent.

If ever you change your mind, you can purchase your rented containers. Please be reminded, though, that we do not offer rent to own services.

We provide reinforced base and wood flooring, particularly marine wood planks or plywood flooring, making our containers great choices for a temporary office. We install special walls to make them more efficient. Our container walls, on the other hand, are made of 12 gauge corrugated steel. Moveable Storage Containers are available in various colors. Your options include beige, dark brown or red-oxide. Our customers can choose between these colors if they prefer to.

Moveable Storage Containers are ideal for space management ensuring security and giving you high quality containers for your needs. If you are looking for something that is cost efficient, easy and time saving, then we are here to help. We will undoubtedly provide you with space optimized compartment that will suit your storage needs. Our website is open 24/7 so you can easily access our services. This also allows you to request for quotations without hassle.